Smarties Cake

30 June 2012

A moist chocolate cake covered with chocolate icing, chocolate bars and colorful chocolate bunties. Drown yourself and the kids in chocolate!

My cute little niece's second birthday cake! A little children's colorful dream in all the rainbow's colors and ofcourse it has to be chocolate. Last year my sister asked me to make a Hello Kitty cake, and this year she told me to make something very childish, but not a princess or pinkish cake, instead she wanted a colorful birthday cake which would please the childrens eyes. I was thinking of making a chocolate cake with some piped butter cream on top and maybe some colorful decorations, but then I remembered to have seen this smarties or Kit-Kat cake on Google before and I knew what I was going to surprise my niece with.

This Smarties cake has all the elements a kid would desire; chocolate, chocolate and chocolate. Yes, it is a pure chocolatey cake with a chocolate cake as base, covered with chocolate icing and decorated with Kit-Kat bars all around and topped with smarties (chocolate bon bons) in some lovely colors and finished off with a huge ribbon in bright pink as the final touch. Voilà, there you have an amazing cake!

In addition to this cake, I made a pavlova with cream and strawberries also since my mom and dad does not love chocolate as much as we do! I think everyone had a piece of each as the Smarties cake could be too chocolatey and the light pavlova balanced it well.

My little niece sat on the window with the cake as I was trying to shoot pictures of her, and she was looking so excited while she could not hold herself anymore and carefully reached her hand to pick up the smarties on the cake and pull off one of the kit-kat's. Kids are such cutie pies!! Haha, not only kids are excited when they see these kind of eye-candies. Even my older and younger siblings had big problems with keeping their hands off the cake, trying to steal some smarties and kit-kat and guess how angry I got on this. Grow up!

For the chocolate cake I used my favorite chocolate cake and chocolate icing recipe which I doubled in quantity. As for the kit-kat bars I had planned to use Kvikk Lunsj which are similar to Kit-Kat's, but have far better quality and taste (they are Norwegian of course, hehe), but I ended up with Kit-Kat as I found them in Sweden as a large packing with 10 Kit-Kat bars and I just bought them. My siblings thought Kvikk Lunsj would have been best. Smarties were chosen because they have some lovely and bright nice colors compared to other brands. I had to cut my Kit-Kat's in half as my cake was not high enough and when I tried to use whole Kit-Kat's it just looked wierd because they were so long and the Smarties would not have been visible. If you use a smaller baking form and have a higher cake then it would be fine to use whole Kit Kat's, but otherwise it is absolutely fine to trim to desired length according to the cake. Ideally you want them just above your cake, about 1 cm or half inch.

Makes about 8-10 servings


2 quantity chocolate cake recipe (for large cake 22-24 cm or 1 quantity recipe for small cake 18 cm)
1 1/2 quanity chocolate icing
8-10 Kit-Kat or Kvikk Lunsj bars (with four bars in each)
2 large boxes (250 g) of Smarties or Non-Stop (chocolate bunties)


1. Have the cooled chocolate cake on a serving plate
2. Prepare the icing according to the recipe and set aside
3. Divide all the Kit Kat bars and trim them to fit the cake (about 1 cm above the cake)
4. Spread the icing on the top of the cake and decorate with Smarties
5. Spread rest of the icing all around the sides and quickly press Kit Kat bars side by side all around to make a fence
6. Finish off with a nice ribbon in bright color around the cake

PS: Work quickly with the Smarties and Kit-Kat as the icing may dry quickly

Mmmm.. pure chocolatiness!

Indulge in chocolate, chocolate and

more chocolate!


  1. Beautiful, I will feature it as Article of The Week, hope you don't mind (just a thumb and link to your post).

  2. Thank you so much, Margot! I really appreciate it :)

  3. Last weekend I made my own cake inspired by your Smartie/ribbon decoration... with berries inside :)

  4. That is great! Mmmm.. sounds delicious with the berries! Let me have a look..