Oreo Fudge Brownies

25 June 2014

Cookies, cream, chocolate and more chocolate! Dream away with these Oreo Brownies which literally takes you to another world!

Blueberry Blondies

09 June 2014

Berrylicious blondies with white chocolate chips. Have a taste of summer with these lovely blueberry blondies served with whipped cream!

Snickers Ice Cream

05 May 2014

The ultimate Snickers ice cream. Delight your palate with the best of sweet and salt; a vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips, caramel ripple and salted peanuts. Oh so delicious!

Viennese Sandwich Cookies

01 April 2014

Melt in mouth butter cookies sandwiched together with white chocolate buttercream and jam. A delicate and delicious treat to the afternoon tea.

Pinwheel Cookies

23 March 2014

Easy short crust cookies formed into pinwheels with vanilla and cocoa flavors. A fun cookie to bake with the kids!

American Brownies

19 March 2014

Delicious American chocolate brownies packed with flavor. These have a slight fudgy texture with chocolate chips added in.